The 10-Day Detox & Weight Loss Plan

Daniel's Diet is not just another 'diet' book. This diet originates from the Biblical Scriptures of Daniel, Chapter 1. It looks at the mind (emotions), body & spirit connection and how they affect our health and weight loss. It gives principles that are not only based on Scriptures centuries old, but also on modern day nutritional wisdom and empirical use. Daniels diet bridges the 2500 - year gap between then and now.

A diet program that's been successful for over 2000 years and will work for you!

Author's Introduction

In more than 20 years of treating overweight and sick people this diet is the single most effective tool I have ever used or witnessed. I have the testimonies to prove it. I have designed this book to teach and explain WHY you need to do the diet and change certain things in your lifestyle. By doing so success is yours.
Our 21st century lifestyle has added many diseases to the world that are directly related to our modern day eating and drinking habits. Sad, but true! It makes sense, therefore, that to overcome modern day diseases it is necessary to take some "modern" out of the equation and restore certain aspects of our lifestyles to how they were in previous times. Not a step backwards but a restoration of what is good and beneficial in life.
This means getting back to the fundamentals of health and healing; fundamentals that The Bible teaches and those that Hippocrates, the recognized founder of modern medicine, recommended. Hippocrates also known for his profound quotes once said, "Let food be your medicine and medicine your food."
This is actually reiterating The Bible. "...their fruit will be for food and their leaves for medicine." (Ezekiel 47:12) Daniel's Diet bridges the gap between The Bible, Hippocrates and Today. It teaches principles of health and healing that are necessary for our survival in this century. Keep in mind that a majority of the world's population is suffering some form of ill health and 70% or more of every illness is caused by what you do, or don't, put in your mouth. Daniel's Diet then gives you the opportunity to undertake a 10-day detox program, which is a practical answer to this modern era of ill health.

Over my years as a Naturopath and Nutritionist I have come to the following conclusion:
Firstly, the connection between your lifestyle and what you DO and DO NOT eat is of primary concern in the treatment and prevention of sickness and disease.
Secondly, the relationship between your environment and stress in relation to your health cannot be overlooked.
Thirdly, we must consider the human spiritual side in treatment of physical and emotional disharmony. If your physical body is sick and tired then it affects you spiritually and vice versa. You take your spirit with you wherever you go and in the condition that you are living at that time. Your mind, body and spirit are inseparable. Disease therefore is often a result of an imbalance between mind, body, and spirit.
Try it for yourself, follow these guidelines and see the results.

Philip Bridgeman


In Biblical history there was once a man called Daniel. His inspiring life story is recorded in the Bible, in the book of Daniel, and this is where Daniel's Diet originated.
From Sunday school many may remember the story of Daniel and how he was thrown into the lion's den yet lived to tell the tale. But to me this wasn't Daniel's most heroic deed. I choose to remember him as the man who, under immense peer pressure and temptation from the finest foods and wines, ate a diet demonstrating a principle that we can all benefit from today.

HISTORY - Behind the Diet

Around 605 BC, Babylon's King Nebuchadnezzar, having conquered Jerusalem, ordered his aide to select from among the slaves, young men of Judah's royalty and nobility to attend Babylon's top University. Babylonians believed in integrating conquered people into their way of life and their intention here was to teach slave students the Chaldean language and literature so that they could be trained for important administration work within the government.
It was an intensive 3-year training program. All students lived on the palace grounds and were fed the finest meats, delicacies and wines from the king's own kitchen. There were no limits. Students were permitted to indulge in whatever they desired and to consume as much as they desired.
However, Daniel dared to be different. Wanting to be physical and spiritually healthy he chose not to eat these foods. On the table Daniel shared with his three friends, fellow slaves, there was only a wide array of vegetables and clean water. When the Babylonian overseer heard that Daniel and his three friends, Shadrach, Messhach and Abednego, refused to eat the king's food he went and spoke with them.
Saying, "the king has decided what you are to eat and drink, and if you don't look as fit as the other young men, he may kill you." (GNB) Daniel was so sure of his diet and of God's principles for health that he replied, "Please test your servants for 10 days, and let us be given some vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then let our appearance be observed in your presence, and the appearance of the youths who are eating the king's choice food: and deal with your servants according to what you see." (Daniel 1:12-13 NASB)
It is important to realise here that, since they were slaves, the stakes for Daniel and his friends were immense. If they were proven wrong, they would either be put to death or used as slave labour.

The proof of this diet is declared in the Scriptures

In Daniel 1:15-16 The Bible says, "Well, at the end of the ten days, Daniel and his three friends looked healthier and better nourished than the youths who had been eating the food supplied by the king! So, after that the steward fed them only vegetables and water, without the rich foods and wines!" (TLB)
Daniel had just proven how amazingly powerful a 10-day cleansing diet really was.

Fruit: The Undervalued Food

A classic example of our misaligned food intake concerns fruit. It's the least eaten of the five main food groups. Yet it should be the greatest. We probably all know that, but we are still not consuming enough. In a recent nutritional survey was taken people were asked what they had eaten the day before:
  • 90% of people had eaten cereals, cereal products, milk, and milk products. (You will understand the full significance of this as you read though the book.)
  • Over half the people had eaten no fruit at all.
Yet, even more concerning,
  • 90% of the people saw no need to change their eating habits.
This kind of thinking and resultant eating habits are against God's health principles; and the dietary guidelines recommended by Australian health authorities.
When faced with reports like this it's no mystery to me why there are epidemics of obesity, diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, heart problems, arthritis, depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders (ADHD) and cancer, etc.
After many years of clinical evidence in individual diet analysis I see that numerous people think they are eating a good diet, but in fact they are not. Many others know that certain foods are good or bad for them yet using that knowledge to their advantage is another thing.

The question that begs to be asked is - WHY? Why do people on an ever-increasing scale eat food that is making them:
  • sick?
  • tired?
  • depressed?
  • aging them prematurely with a poor quality of life?

The answer to this question is complex and the causes involve mind, body and spirit issues. That is why during this book I discuss not only food habits but the connection between physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. Just following a diet is not always the complete answer.
Over 80% of the population suffer, in varying degrees, from sickness and tiredness.
Many think of this as normal, which demonstrates to me just how important the content of this book is for everyone, but especially for parents and guardians. If children are exposed to good eating habits during the early stages of their lives, their chances of remaining healthy in adult years is dramatically increased. And again I'm talking here of good health in body, mind and spirit, not just the physical. The Bible says to train your children in the way they should go, (Proverbs. 22:6) this not only mean spiritual matters but also practical and dietary. We only have to look at the overcrowded hospital situation to see how bad the health of our nation has become. And how urgent it is that we find a solution. Before reading Daniel's Diet your conventional or traditional diet might have seemed ideal for your current lifestyle. But is it leading to your short and long-term good health?


(Taken from actual case histories) After years of treating numerous people, from varied backgrounds, I have learned one undeniable fact. By initially concentrating on improving a person's physical, spiritual and emotional health, beneficial side effects occur automatically. Side effects such as weight loss and the disappearance of negative symptoms of ill health.

The proven benefits include:
  • Body - detoxified
  • Bloating (intestinal) - gone
  • Blood Pressure - improved
  • Concentration - enhanced
  • Cholesterol - lowered
  • Cravings (sugar, refined carbohydrates & savory) - overcome
  • Depression - lessened
  • Diabetes - improved
  • Energy level - better
  • Excessive night-time urination - disappeared
  • Fertility - increased
  • Fluid retention - gone
  • Food allergies and addictions - recognised and overcome
  • Good health - renewed and maintained
  • Hair and nail strength - improved
  • Headaches - disappeared
  • Hot flushes - disappeared
  • Hypoglycaemia - improved
  • Immunity to recurring illness - strengthened
  • Insomnia - disappeared
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome and stomach complaints -disappeared
  • Menstrual problems and PMS - disappeared
  • Mind - clearer and sharper
  • Negative health symptoms - reversed
  • Organs and tissues - stimulated into proper function
  • Overeating - overcome
  • Recovery from illness and drug treatments - assisted
  • Reflux and indigestion - disappeared
  • Skin problems (eczema, acne and dermatitis) - improved
  • Spirituality - enhanced
  • Stamina - increased
  • Sugar cravings - overcome
  • Tiredness - disappeared
  • Weight loss - accomplished


Whether we are aware of it or not, virtually, everyone today is reacting to stress, and polluted, degraded food, air and water. As a result, many of us have developed or will develop some form of health complaints.
Sadly, this ill health is often the consequence of our own actions. A consequence that I am sure was not in the original plan for us. Jesus said, "...I have come in order that you might have life - life in all its fullness." (John 10.10 TEV)
It is, however, up to us to individually make the choice to secure this fullness and better health for the future. We need to adopt an attitude that says:
  • "I want to be a good steward (caretaker) of my body."
  • "I can do something about my health."
  • "I want to and will change."
  • "I won't become another medical statistic."
  • "I will take back control."
  • "I am in control of my lifestyle."

Toxins from the following have a detrimental effect on us: polluted air and water, chemicals, caffeine, allergies, stress, alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, cigarettes, sugar, unforgiveness, negative attitudes.
And if coming to terms with the toxic food additives isn't hard enough, pesticide and chemical residues poison much of the food we consume today before it even reaches the supermarket shelves.
Throughout the relay of supply and demand - from grower/manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer - foods are stored, frozen, refined, incorrectly cooked, added to and subtracted from, until they finally reach the consumer often containing absolutely no nutritional benefit at all.

In the case of some packet cereals and ready-cooked fast food, the packaging is more nutritious than the contents!

And when it comes to many of the breakfast cereals filling tables across the world, people might believe they are getting a healthy start to the day but in actual fact their bowl might just as well be filled with gooey sugar ladened sweets. The sad truth is that most people are eating unhealthy foods with a frequency that is well beyond the amount that their body can healthily cope with.

From my experience the average person's diet comprises of 70-75% non-essential food. This is a frightening figure when you consider it only takes approximately 25% of non-essential food to cause health problems. Poor diet is often overlooked as the reason for health problems because a lot of symptoms are delayed ten to twenty years so they are often blamed on something else. Depression and anxiety, caused through chemical imbalances within the brain, may also be attributed to diet. Our brain operates on pure fuel, if it's fed dirty fuel it will malfunction. If you are still not convinced of the need to detoxify, try completing the following questionnaire. DO I NEED TO DETOXIFY? Please tick the questions that you answer YES.

Do you experience stress regularly?
Do you get fewer than seven hours of sleep every night?
Do you wake most mornings feeling tired, lethargic
Do you regularly feel tired, apathetic or lack energy?
Do you eat less than 3 different fruits a day?
Do you eat a raw vegetable/salad meal every day?
Do you overeat?
Do you eat processed or take away foods, more than once per week?
Do you often find yourself craving for sweet or savoury foods?
Do you exercise, less than thirty minutes every second day?
Are you overweight?
Do you suffer from a reoccurring illness?
Do you suffer from stomach pains, heartburn, indigestion, excess wind (gas) or a bloated stomach?
Are you constipated?
Are you a cancer patient?
Do you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol?
Do you experience cold hands and/or feet regularly?
Do you have a history of antibiotic use?
Do you suffer from allergies or hayfever/sinus?
Do you get sores or ulcers in your mouth or on your lips?
Do you suffer from headaches?
Do you notice a lack of concentration, loss of memory or perhaps mental 'fog' (cognitive impairment)?
Do you suffer from depression, anxiety or nervousness, or mood swings?
Do you suffer from arthritis, joint pain or stiffness?
Do you have any kind of skin problems, including skin cancer?
Do you have blurred vision?
Do you suffer from red or sore eyes?
Do you have dark circles under your eyes?


Do you experience irregular cycles or excessive menstrual flow?
Do you experience any PMS, eg. depression, crying too easily, or moodiness around your period time?
Do you experience cramps, pain or bloating?
Do you experience uncomfortable or distressing menopausal symptoms?
To have more than TWO of these symptoms indicates a toxic build up. Therefore, anyone who answered YES to two or more questions would benefit greatly from following Daniel's Diet.


Is there such a thing as a quick and healthy weight loss diet? YES! In my opinion, there is.
There have been many warnings about quick weight loss plans and fad diets, and rightly so. Often referred to as yo-yo diets these, if undertaken unwisely or ad hoc, can have a detrimental effect on the body. In the long term they are not only unhealthy, but can actually cause uncontrolled weight gain.
A yo-yo diet is a program that revolves around feast and famine. The result of this plan is simple - fight hunger - give up and feast - fight hunger. In other words, wait as long as possible before eating or simply skip meals. Since these diets provide no set routine for eating; bingeing or overeating at the wrong times is a common event and one that is usually followed by a loss of control over food decisions. After all, when you're starving hungry you want to eat straight away, and that's when unhealthy, junk or fast food becomes an easy choice. The danger here is the appearance of metabolism problems, the very thing you don't want - a sluggish metabolism. It also creates uncontrolled carbohydrate/sugar/fat/salt cravings. To say nothing of the more than likely weight gain, ill health, frustration, and possible depression or even bulimic tendencies. The very things the dieting was supposed to help you with in the first place. Daniel's Diet, encourages eating five times a day.


Like my old herbalist mentor used to say, "what I tell you now is worth more than gold." To beat any fat cells that may be bunching together to form excess fat and cellulite it's vital that the following seven points are adopted into your regular lifestyle. The answers are in my book Daniel's Diet?


How do you react to emotional problems?
If you feel lost, hurt or misunderstood, do you turn to food? Especially the kind of food you know is wrong or bad for you. This is called comfort eating. It means using food to cover up the pain of an underlying issue that really needs to be addressed. Comfort eating is a form of co-dependency or escapism and a form of tranquilliser self-medication. And, unless the underlying issue that triggers this reaction is addressed, food will constantly have a strong hold on your life. There are numerous different issues that can cause this situation, but they can usually be put under one of three headings, or sometimes a combination of the three. They are: physical, emotional or spiritual hurt or lack. Problems with weight and illness are not always just about eating the wrong foods. Eating habits can be intricately intertwined with our emotions and even our spiritual well-being. An over dependency on food or anything obsessive can be a barrier between each of us reaching an abundant, fulfilling life. It's time to break the cycle.


In trying to find a way to bring the pain of some of life's experiences down to a bearable level, many people turn to a narcotic agent that will anaesthetise their pain. Everybody reacts differently, some turn to alcohol or drugs, for others it's sex or even shopping. And for many, whether they know it or not, it's food. Whenever there is a trigger for fear, anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, boredom or emotional lack or pain, they eat. Food can be a tranquilliser and don't fool yourself, it can be every bit as addictive and detrimental as the other options. The main difference here though is that food is a socially, morally and legally acceptable way of handling stress and pain. Even Church groups label eating food as the 'acceptable sin,' with sweets and junk food available at nearly all their functions.

Case history

Jo, (41 and overweight) had Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, fluid retention and was taking anti-depressants.

She completed Daniel's Diet for 10 days and followed a modified Daniels Diet for a further month, lost 12 kg and was feeling a lot better physically. However the diet, as it can do, brought to the surface some emotional issues forcing Jo to realise that she was an emotional eater. Since she didn't receive any credit or appreciation from her boss or her husband food had became her self-reward. She was using it as 'reward system' for her hard work.

As Jo was telling me this she started crying, and this became the beginning of her healing. She knew it would take time and effort to overcome the habit but together we started forming a plan to break her cycle of reward eating, replacing it with other more positive things, including prayer.

After Jo had worked out how to reward herself differently another problem surfaced. She noticed she would eat junk food when she was annoyed with her husband. Over the years in her marriage she had lost emotional communication with her husband and so she would over eat to spite and rebel against him. Having realised this Jo decided to protect her health and feel better about herself by changing her reactions. It worked.


(write them down)
  • What is the trigger causing you these danger times?
  • Is it a feeling, habit or memory?
  • What is making you see/feel things in a way that causes this reaction?


An addiction to food can be very intense. It can have a hold on people that is just as strong as that which cigarettes and alcohol might. Overeating is often wrongly justified, considered morally or socially more acceptable unlike smoking and drunkenness. It shouldn't be. They are all life threatening.


Our greatest asset is our mind. It's linked to our emotions, it's the gateway to our spirit and, at the centre of it, is our brain. Just as we can care for, strengthen, enhance and repair our bodies, so too can we care for, strengthen, enhance and repair our brain. It functions on a delicate electrochemical balance. And these functions depend entirely on the nutrition we eat. Nutrition is its fuel. What we eat determines whether it runs properly or not. If that fuel is dirty (filled with toxins) or of poor quality (lacking nutrition), it will cause disruption of the brain signals and normal functions. The result is a multitude of problems and abnormal brain reactions. These problems affect not only our physical body and mind, but also our emotions, attitudes and even our personalities. So since our brainpower is directly influenced by our daily nutrition. Without even realising it, many people may be influencing the way they think, behave, act and perceive things, purely by what they choose to eat or not eat.

A diet program that's been successful for over 2000 years and will work for you!